Horses have served humanity 
Since the dawn of time....  
They've pulled our wagons, plowed our fields 
& carried us over long distances under harsh conditions. 
Today they Run, Jump and even Dance to Please Humans. 
We find Solace just being In Their Presence.
Why Wouldn't We Do 
Whatever We Can to Help Them?
Diamonds in the Rough Farm, Inc. 
is a 501c3 not-for-profit 
animal welfare organization 
IRS Fed CH # 20-1041384
 Florida Dept of Corporations
FL CH #24452
 FLDept of Consumer Services
are Gratefully Appreciated.
Tax Reciept Available Upon Request
 The Organization is Competely 
Operated by Volunteers 
Visits must be Appointment Only 
To Donate Online, 
there is a  "Donate" link at
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To Donate via Snail Mail send to:
4411 Rues Landing Road
St Augustine, FL 32092
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TCA Grant Recipient
American Horses are In Trouble! 
     USDA Market News  US to Mexico 
 Livestock Export - Las Cruces, NM 
Species: Horses for Slaughter
 2016 Year to Date:  91,203 Equines 
Lives Lost. Each # Represents an American Horse 
that  faced a Brutally Terrifying & Cruel death 
since January 1st, 2016. 
Let's Work together to Stop This Nonsense.
Text: 904 806 2703