Diamonds in the Rough Farm Inc

a 501c3 charitable nonprofit

HORSES have served humanity since the Dawn of Time

They've pulled our wagons, 

plowed our fields 

& carried us over long distances 

often under harsh conditions. 

Today they run, 


and jump 

for human pleasure. 

Why wouldn't We

 Help them 

when they need us most? 

Why wouldn't We 

Recognize the Spirit 

within Animals 

that Comes from the Same 

Universal Source of Energy 

that our own Souls do?

Love Learn Live

The DrFarm Animals

A devoted Volunteer staff cares for a herd of horses, a flock of birds, a pride of cats & a couple of dogs who were each found in need of relief & a safe future. Click the pic of Huck Finn the horse greeting a young Visitor or visit 

Horse Human Compassion

Learn how You Can Help Make  Big Changes for the Animals Right from Where You Read This.  For more Information on  becoming a Part of the Solution 

- Click on the pic of the Chakra Horse or visit

You Shop - They Give !

 Ordering your favorite products is Easy, Convenient & Helps the Animals too. Wether its your typical Amazon order or a gift item - a portion will go to the animals at DrFarm if you Click the pic 

of Pegasus or visit

A Glimpse

Awaiting Justice Equine Welfare at

Will You Help Them?

Make Today the Day


You Make a Difference


& Show Your Support


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FEIN # 20 - 104 1384 / FL CH # 24452

Diamonds in the Rough Farm, Inc. is a Federally recognized not-for-profit charitable organization that does not receive any governemnet funding. 

Donations are Tax deductable.

Diamonds in the Rough Farm, Inc. /

4411 Rues Landing Road, Saint Augustine, FL 32092, US

Text (904) 806 2703

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  The DrFarm staff is comprised of Volunteers who work tirelessly to provide for the animals the charity cares for. Because the list of chores is lengthy and focus is necessary when they are tending the farm, Visitation is by Appointment Only so Guests & Animals can both have an Enjoyable Experience.